Apple, Inc. (AAPL) is the company with the largest market cap and has showcased strong growth through the creation of new products, services, and setting new goals for the future. Last year alone, Apple’s services sector reached record highs, wearables set new records, and Q1 of 2021 iPhone sales beat […]


FireEye, Inc. (FEYE) was regarded as a tech stock that fizzled out in the years since its IPO back in 2013. FireEye went public in 2013 at an IPO price of $20 and soared to $80s before major concerns were raised regarding its ability to raise substantial profits which propelled […]

The biggest health crisis in world history has left a massive impact on the global cruise market, the fastest-growing sector of the travel industry. If we look back, the demand for cruise travel had consistently risen for five consecutive years until coronavirus halted all operations globally. In response to the […]

Growing up I loved watching “The Jetsons” which was a futuristic animated series that was set in the year 2062 (42 years from now) and is exactly what Virgin Galactic’s (SPCE) core business vision is all about and gave me a nostalgic sense. Nevertheless, when I put on my researcher’s […]