Genius Brands International (GNUS) has a history of buildup which results in the sky-rocketing of the share price based on speculation of better performance. Nonetheless, the company has a feeble track record of delivering on their promises which is next-to-never-reflected in their financial statements. GNUS is a true reflection of […]

Beat Billions got a couple of things correct about how Luckin Coffee stock (LK) would trade once the trading ban is lifted. You can find these predictions in this article that we published on May 20. Our prediction for a significant drop in the share price in the first couple […]

Luckin Coffee (LK) made headlines in early April when the company announced that an internal investigation found fabricated transactions amounting to $310 million between the second and fourth quarters of 2019. In other words, around 65% of the sales reported in this period were merely accounting gimmicks, not sales. With […]

It has become truly boring to read about the cruise industry because every analysis point to the same conclusion; this industry will continue to suffer and the recovery is years away. Beat Billions, however, begs to differ. Our regular readers should not find this surprising because we’ve been publishing about […]