2021 saw the emergence of meme stocks as Reddit users orchestrated a short squeeze that skyrocketed the price of GameStop Corp (GME) stock. Now, the OG meme stock is back in action. The price of GameStop stock rose dramatically (74.4%) on Monday, May 13, coinciding with Keith Gill’s (also known […]

There are about 30 million companies in the United States, and 99.9% of all companies in the U.S are considered small companies. Small-cap stocks have a history of outperforming large-cap stocks often despite the vicissitudes of the economy. From 1972 through 2019, the annualized return generated by small-cap stocks and […]

After becoming the most powerful market controller in Asia, India is most likely to make inroads for investors around the world after the COVID-19 fallout. While we’ve been making a gloomy prognosis about unpredictability taking over the world, the role of India in mobilizing international cooperation in the past few […]