Luckin Coffee (LK) made headlines in early April when the company announced that an internal investigation found fabricated transactions amounting to $310 million between the second and fourth quarters of 2019. In other words, around 65% of the sales reported in this period were merely accounting gimmicks, not sales. With […]

It has become truly boring to read about the cruise industry because every analysis point to the same conclusion; this industry will continue to suffer and the recovery is years away. Beat Billions, however, begs to differ. Our regular readers should not find this surprising because we’ve been publishing about […]

It’s easy for investors to lose focus and chase the stocks that are delivering the best returns on a given day in the markets. This is especially true when it comes to small-cap stock investing. At Beat Billions, we dig deep into the fundamentals of small-cap stocks to unearth valuable […]

Beat Billions, three days ago, uncovered the potential sale of CYDY stock by the company CEO, Nader Pourhassan. At the time, many investors were confused about the Form 144 that was used by the company to file this with the SEC, and we provided some clear guidance on how to […]