Growing up I loved watching “The Jetsons” which was a futuristic animated series that was set in the year 2062 (42 years from now) and is exactly what Virgin Galactic’s (SPCE) core business vision is all about and gave me a nostalgic sense. Nevertheless, when I put on my researcher’s […]

Weibo Corporation (WB) stock surged 18% on July 6 and many investors had no clue behind the reason for this mysterious price action. More than 7.7 million shares changed hands as well, in contrast to an average volume of just over a million shares in the last few months. This […]

Genius Brands International (GNUS) has a history of buildup which results in the sky-rocketing of the share price based on speculation of better performance. Nonetheless, the company has a feeble track record of delivering on their promises which is next-to-never-reflected in their financial statements. GNUS is a true reflection of […]

After becoming the most powerful market controller in Asia, India is most likely to make inroads for investors around the world after the COVID-19 fallout. While we’ve been making a gloomy prognosis about unpredictability taking over the world, the role of India in mobilizing international cooperation in the past few […]