Nobody likes a crash. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about airplanes or stocks, the word ‘crash’ is often used to describe something catastrophic. What if there are companies or business sectors that are benefiting from a crash? No, not from an airplane crash, but from the collapse of […]

Citron Research, led by Andrew Left, is known to make headlines. The company, over the years, has made some bold calls, some of which have been successful beyond the wildest imaginations of investors. At the same time, many other calls by Citron have proven to be baseless and not fact-checked. […]

Apple Inc. (AAPL) will report earnings on April 30. Many investors, both existing Apple shareholders and the ones who are waiting on the sidelines for an opportunity to invest, are eagerly waiting for an update from the company about its prospects in this challenging environment. As often is the case, […]

The month of March was one to forget for many investors. In February, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a record high, but the market entered the bear market territory at a record pace. It took just 22 days for the Dow to decline more than 20% off its peak, […]